13 September 2018 The New Poor Law and Hertfordshire's workhouses by Karen Rothery

    11 October 2108 The History of the Royal Masonic School by Shelagh Booth

    8 November 2018 The First World War and its legacy in Hertfordshire: stories of everday life in the                                                       county by Julie Moore

    13 December 2018 Memories Matter: recording and preserving oral histories by Anne Murphy

    10 January 2019 Matthew Paris: arguably the most remarkable monk in St Albans Abbey's history by                                                 Graham Everett

    14 February 2019 Wind, Water and Steam: the story of Hertfordshire's Mills by Hugh Howes

    14 March 2019 Local Community digs at Cassiobury by Laurie Elvin

    11 April 2019 Creating Metro-land by Oliver Green

    9 May 2019 Batchworth: the industrial heart of Georgian Rickmansworth by Fabian Hiscock  

    13 June 2019 AGM then Free Beer Yesterday: the story of Samuel Salter and his brewery by Chris                                                  Hillier